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grad school board game

After last week’s thoughts on working abroad as a young professional, your humble blogger got to thinking about another question for ambitious twenty-somethings shooting for career in the humanitarian and development sector: “Do I need a graduate degree in international affairs?”

Read here for my take. I think the short answer is no, you don’t necessarily need it, but the job market is extraordinarily competitive and it does confer alot of advantages for career mobility. At the same time, it comes with considerable costs and trade-offs you should think seriously about.

What do other people think? Seriously, I’m curious to know.

On another note, I’m heading down to the Afghan-Tajik border today to (finally) visit NPA’s operations at the minefield sites. When I get back later in the week I’ll write a post about it, which (I promise) will return this blog to the subject matter of my work here.