Kalina in Kathmandu

Tips on traveling from Canada to Nepal

On paper the 4 flights and long layovers don’t seem to daunting….but boy of boy was that a gruelling trip! Here are some tips on surviving a 9 hour layover in the Munich airport, followed by funny tale about anaphylaxis in the Delhi airport.

Munich Layover Tips:

1) there are no water fountains, but you can refill a water bottle at the taps in the washroom — or as a German airport staff would say “You can use water from the toilet”

2) it’s fun using the virtual info stations .  You rock-up to the info stations found around the terminals, use the touch screen to request face-to-face assistance and an attendant will appear virtually on the screen to help you.  The life-size video projection of the agent is very star-trekky but they can help you find everything you need in this massive airport.

3) the $15 Euros for a shower in Terminal #1 is well worth the cash. The room is large enough to bring in your luggage, there are towels, and I am quickly realizing that that might have been my last hot shower for a while!

Now for my tale of anaphylaxis in the Delhi airport.  It was the breakfast veggie pastry on my Lufthansa flight that was the culprit.  One bite and I started having an allergic reaction.  I popped 3 Benadryl and started downing buckets of waters, but little helped the hives, sweats, and stomach cramping.  By the time we put our wheels on the ground I was in tears, making a scene trying to get out of my seat – and being yelled at by the staff to sit down.  Fast forward 20mintues, and I am now being wheel-chaired through the Delhi airport by a crew of 5 Indian staff who don’t speak English.  Now I’m at customs (was told a doctor is on the other side) – still in the wheel-chair along with a number of seniors in wheel-chairs.  I am turned away from the border without a visa, and redirected to the transfers section of the airport.  By this time I have calmed down, and I am coping with the allergic reaction.  I am in a daze about the whirl-wind wheel-chair adventure through the airport, but I am able to ensure the staff that a little rest should get me through.  5hours later I’m on my final flight to Kathmandu.

Needless to say – I arrived in one-peice, with many lessons learned.  Now for the real adventure 🙂

delhi airport


2 thoughts on “Kalina in Kathmandu”

  1. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore! I would really have though Lufthansa would have their act together by now with nut free snacks. Well, glad you made it there! Can’t wait to hear more xoxoxox

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